When YG Entertainment‘s hit rookie boy group TREASURE dropped “MMM”…

TREASURE at “Inkigayo”. | @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

… K-Pop fans grew extremely concerned over this move in the choreography.

From TREASURE’s “MMM” music video. | TREASURE/YouTube

Considering “how dangerous it is for all members involved in completing this move“…

… fans began heavily criticizing YG Entertainment for putting the members through it on stage — where “they feel obliged to pull it off no matter how difficult or painful it actually feels.”


TREASURE’s fandom Treasure Makers eventually got around to trending hashtag #YG_트레저_안무수정해 (#YG_TREASURE_CHOREOGRAPHYFIX).

Please put safety first. Please fix this choreography.

— Twitter @pimnaphat98

In response to the growing fan concerns, YG Entertainment tweeted an official announcement on November 8…

| @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

… reassuring the fans that while the members perfected the move “through a long period of practice“, they will “revise” the issue.

Watch the full MV here: