Earlier, we reported that there were rumors about “K-Pop Star” contestant Lee Michelle and her agency, YG Entertainment having a sour relationship. However, YG stepped forward and denied these rumors.

YG Entertainment spoke with Star News on October 16 and said, “There is absolutely no discord between YG and Lee Michelle,” and “We have no idea where those rumors came from.”

This YG source commented, “Lee Michelle is not coming to the YG headquarters because of some personal matters on her part,” and “After hearing that Lee Michelle has personal matters to take care of, we think the news outlets have exaggerated and blew this whole thing up. This rumor is not true.”

Finally, the YG source stated, “YG currently has many, many trainees,” and “Out of these trainees, if any of them have personal matters to take care of, they are pardoned from coming into the office. Lee Michelle is just one of those trainees, who is not coming because of that, not because there is discord.”

Lee Michelle had signed with YG and started her trainee days after “K-Pop Star” ended this past April.