Though rumors have been surfacing that YG Entertainment is in talks for a new album release by Sechs Kies, the company has said this is not true.

A YG executive clarified with Star News on April 25, “Though it is true that Sechs Kies member Lee Jae Jin’s younger sister is Yang Hyun Suk’s wife, YG and Sechs Kies have not been negotiating about a new album.”

Meanwhile, a Sechs Kies insider also told Star News, “I’ve never heard of any plans for a new Sechs Kies album.”

Meanwhile, Sechs Kies got together again this month for a special episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge.” The legendary group first debuted in 1997 and released hit songs such as “The Way This Guy Lives” and “Couple,” before disbanding in 2001.

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