On March 30 at the YG Entertainment building in Seoul, students from the MIT Graduate School of Business were invited for a special lecture. More than 50 lucky students representing the world renowned university made the trip from the United States to attend the event.

As part of the “Korea/ Japan Study Tour” program the students traveled to Korea.  They chose to visit YG Entertainment as it is one of the leaders in the international K-Pop craze. As such the students wanted to know what YG’s secret to success is?

YG cited their strengths saying, “The company’s core business philosophy is ‘familism,’ which is part of a deep musical bond between the artist and the self-production system to produce a high level of content.”

He continued, “In the areas of music, fashion, and music videos we look to create groundbreaking new trends to take on the leading role in the domestic and global music market.”

During the day the MIT students were allowed to tour the YG building. They were shown the YG labs and studio where the magic of the company takes place. The students were eager as they bombarded their tour guides with questions. In particular, they were deeply interested in the future international activities for YG’s artists.

Robby Huang, who attended the lecture, commented on his experience saying, “YG as an in-house producer is responsible for many successful albums, each time a fresh sound is produced. Through this visit, the globalization of K-Pop was fully realized.”

In the meantime, YG plans on establishing global offices in Hong Kong as well as the United States.  Working on further expanding their reach YG plans on Big Bang bringing their “Big Bang Alive World Tour 2012″ to various countries around the globe such as Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. The group’s world tour will continue throughout the year.