YG Entertainment has responded to reports of detailed plans for the debut group of their idol survival program “MIXNINE.”

On December 6, a news outlet reported that multiple industry insiders had shared details of YG’s plans. The format of the show dictates that the final round will have a nine-member boy group and a nine-member girl group battle it out to see who will win the chance to debut. However, sources stated that both teams would actually be making their debut but in different ways.

According to the reports, the final winning team would be going on a world tour from April 2018 till anywhere between August and December. The length of the tour would depend on the show’s popularity and demand for the group, but would ultimately include 20 to 30 performances. The runner-up team would get a reality show and if the response was good, they would also get a chance to make their debut in Korea.

YG Entertainment was asked to confirm or deny the reports and a representative stated, “The winning team will be making their debut in Korea in April. Though we are planning for them to embark on a world tour, we are still in the planning process. Details like the number of concerts or the duration of the tour have not been finalized.”

When asked about the possibility for the runner-up team to make their debut, the representative said, “That is not something that has been discussed.”

It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see to know the full details of what YG Entertainment has planned!

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