YG Entertainment will open new offices in the U.S. and Hong Kong this year in order to help the promotions of their artists in overseas markets.

According to local media OSEN, YGE will launch “YG USA” and “YG Hong Kong” in the respective countries, and have finalized plans to open their first overseas branches before this summer. These offices are to serve as direct channels for promoting and advertising current YG artists in the U.S. and Hong Kong regions. They are planning to hire coordinators directly in order to better serve the needs of fans in each of the regions.

YGE has done a superb job so far promoting their artists overseas by fully utilizing online and SNS channels. That’s why BIGBANG and 2NE1 have been able to make headlines and rank so high on the U.S. iTunes, without doing any official promotions in the country. Industry officials are expecting today’s announcement to only boost YGE artists’ popularity abroad, and many fans are anticipating more promotions to be done in their countries.

BIGBANG began its first world tour concert earlier this month by holding the “2012 BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR” from March 2 to 4 in Seoul. They are planning to visit over 20 cities worldwide as part of this concert.