As 2NE1’s Japan debut day is approaching, YG Entertainment announced on 2NE1’s Avex Japan website that there will be something huge happening tomorrow and will be streamed on UStream. At the same time, Dara also hinted through her me2day that YG Family is going all out for Japan tomorrow. What’s going on?

YG definitely knows how to tease fans, and it seems like Dara has learned this skill as well. Earlier today, she wrote such a mysterious post on her me2day, “Dudung!!! YG Family fans in Japan! Attention! Tomorrow morning! Seniors Gummy, Se7en, Big Bang will be going to Japan together with 2NE1!!! YG Family is going all out! What will we really do when we get there?!? +.+ Departing from Gimpo Airport to Tokyo, YG Family Family Family~ Everybody! Let’s play~! ^_^ ”

While Dara was confusing fans with her post, YG hinted on 2NE1’s Japan website something big is going to happen tomorrow on July 21st, and the event will be live broadcasted here on UStream at 3PM KST. It is said that the super heavy announcement revealed tomorrow will affect all of YG Family’s future activities.

OMG! What exactly is this all about? Soompiers, take a guess?

Source: Baidu + 2NE1’s Avex Official Website