YG Entertainment is preparing to debut a new boy group!

On September 20, an industry insider revealed that YG was preparing to launch a new boy group through a survival program in November. Instead of broadcasting the show through television networks, YG was reportedly planning on exclusively broadcasts through Naver TV.

The insider also stated that Bang Ye Dam and Choi Resung, who gained popularity through SBS’s audition program “K-pop Star,” and other trainees slated for YG’s next generation idol group would appear on the program. Trainees from other agencies in Korea, along with global trainees chosen from Japan and other areas, will reportedly participate in the competition as well.

Although reports of a new girl group survival program had been released just yesterday, the insider stated that YG decided to prioritize the boy group debut. When the agency gave its official statement regarding the girl group survival show on September 19, they revealed that the program was just one of many new shows on the drawing board.

Later in the day, YG gave an official statement, saying, “It’s been three years since iKON’s debut, so it’s expected that a rookie group will emerge from YG,” revealing that the company has made preparations for its new boy group.

In responds to reports that YG was currently producing a survival program, the agency responded, “When looking at Yang Hyun Suk’s tendencies, he doesn’t produce groups based on the same number of members or similar musical tones, so it’s hard to predict just yet, even from within YG. However, it is true that we can already see YG’s broadcasting team and music producers settings things in motion.”

It’s been five years since YG has created a male idol survival program. In 2006, the company debuted BIGBANG through the launch of the program “Real Documentary BIGBANG,” and in 2013, WINNER debuted through the show “WIN: Who Is Next.” Two years later, iKON also made their debut in 2015 through “Mix & Match.”

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