YG Entertainment‘s official goods shop has now put on pre-order these adorable BLACKPINK themed accessories. The goods are made in collaboration with local jewelry brand, Clave de J and they are coated with either rosegold or whitegold. This makes the accessories a little sturdier than usual, although it is still recommended you care for them carefully.

1. Heart Logo Silver Necklace

Available on the YG Select store with overseas shipping as an option, the first item on the list is the BLACKPINK Heart Logo Silver Necklace which can be bought for $61.09 USD. It comes with a 45cm long chain. It is made from 925 silver coated with rose or whitegold.

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| YG Select Shop

The necklace is available in two colors, rosegold and silver.

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| YG Select Shop

It is engraved on both front and back, with the BLACKPINK logo (BP) on the front and the members’ names on the back.

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| YG Select Shop

A subtle way to wear your heart on your sleeve, er, neck!

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These necklaces are a classy and understated way to show your love for the girls and can be used daily as well.

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2. Long Necklace

For those that prefer a more elegant selection, the BLACKPINK Long Necklace goes for $50.90 USD and is a simple ring design on a chain. It is made of brass, plated with rose or white gold.

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| YG Select Shop

Similarly, it comes in rosegold or silver.

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| YG Select Shop

The chain is 55cm long, making it perfect for those that feel trapped in shorter necklaces.

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| YG Select Shop

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What is unique is that the engraving of the BLACKPINK logo is on the back of the necklace, so you can truly wear it out without fear of being judged.

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| YG Select Shop

3. Heart Logo Bracelet

The BLACKPINK Heart Logo Bracelet sells for $50.90 and it is the matching piece to the Heart Logo Necklace. It is made of brass, plated with rose or white gold.

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| YG Select Shop

Coming in rosegold or silver, the back of the heart charm features the 4 members’ names.

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| YG Select Shop

Quite a stunner!

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| YG Select Shop

4. Silver Ear Cuff

Sold singularly the ear cuff is made of 925 silver, plated with rose or white gold. The logo comes engraved along the hoop and it sells for $23.14 USD.

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| YG Select Shop

5. Silver Earrings

Selling for $33.32 USD, the earrings come with two studs a pair, in either rosegold or silver. It is kept simple with a flat bar design and the BLACKPINK logo on the front.

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| YG Select Shop

The earrings collection is made of 925 silver, plated with rose or white gold and comes in an adorable box packaging.

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| YG Select Shop

You unfortunately cannot mix and match the colors in a pair.

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| YG Select Shop

6. Hair Clip Set

The cheapest item on the pre-order, a set of two clips goes for $20.36 USD

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| YG Select Shop

Made of steel, tin and rhinestones, the hairclips come in a pair of two, one saying “black” and the other “pink”. Word barettes are pretty in trend these days, and why not get a pair that proclaims your love for the girls?

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| YG Select Shop

The clips are available either in rosegold or silver and cannot be mixed.

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| YG Select Shop

Would you cop these? This is the first time YG Select is collaborating with a jewelry brand to produce wearable goods for the girls. You can get your fix on the YG Select shop!