YG Entertainment continues to impress with their unparalleled dedication and support for their artists.

On October 29, someone captured and uploaded a photo of four balloons tied outside the YG Entertainment office complex. The four balloons were sequential numbers that corresponded with the title of Lee Ha Yi‘s debut single, “1,2,3,4“. Bright and cheery in color, the balloons could be seen from the highway and rooftops of high-rise buildings. 

This small yet thoughtful gesture seems to explain perfectly why their artists and talents continue to express great trust and satisfaction with their management. 

Former “K-Pop Star” contestant Lee Ha Yi made her debut as a solo artist just a couple of days ago with her new hit single, “1,2,3,4” – a fun, rhythmic pop track that showcases her prized sultry vocals that brought her much acclaim from the show. The single is proving to be popular with the masses, judging by the speed it appears to be ascending online music ranking charts alone.