Many fans have been taking note of YG Entertianment’s unique promotion style for 2NE1’s latest mini album, where five different singles were released separately prior to the album’s release. Yang Hyun Suk, the head of YGE, gave an explanation for this new approach in an interview with Star News, saying, “In the past, people used to purchase the actual album and listen to all the songs in it. So even if it weren’t the title song, many songs would slowly gain popularity later on. But now the spending pattern has changed to online and mobile centric, which as a result, made people to only listen to the title track, even when the whole album is available.”

He continued, “We figured it’s impossible to change the way the world is moving. But at the same time, we wanted to find a way to give our fans the chance to listen to all songs on the album. That’s why for 2NE1’s new album, we released each of the five new songs one at a time since April.”

“It’s the same for other agencies, but YGE really spends a lot of time and effort on every single song and music video. 2NE1’s new mini album too had no song to throw away, which is why all five songs are considered like our own kids to 2NE1, producer Teddy, and me. We came up with this new promotion plan because we wanted to let our fans hear every song, and we are very thankful that they liked all five singles. YG musicians, including 2NE1, will continue to give their absolute bests in producing and singing every single song,” he added.

2NE1’s latest single “Ugly” has achieved yet another “all-kill” on Korean music charts, setting a new record of five straight “all-kills” from one album. The group is scheduled to hold their first-ever solo concert, “NOLZA,” in August.


Source: Star News