YG Entertainment has been receiving a lot of attention after it recently announced that it will debut a girl group with both the looks and the talent, a “YGE version of SNSD.”

President Yang Hyun Suk of YGE recently stated in an interview, “During the first half of next year, I have plans to debut a whole slew of groups and artists. One of those groups will be pretty like SNSD with YGE’s unique colors.”

YGE is the label that created groups like Big Bang and 2NE1, and as one of Korea’s three major labels, has every reason to be hyped regarding this new group’s debut. Additionally, President Yang’s wording of “a group pretty like SNSD” implies that this group will be a bit different from the images of the previous groups that debuted under YGE.

This is because in the entertainment industry, YGE is known for “particularly choosing for talent over looks.” To this, President Yang elaborated, “In the past, (when picking trainees) people who did well looked pretty; it’s not that I didn’t take note of looks, “ and laughed broadly.  He added, “Honestly, I also very much like pretty and good-looking groups. These days, there are a trainees who have talent and are also pretty and good-looking.

He continued, “It took five years for Big Bang to debut, but because trainees these days are talented, as well as because the company has improved, a preparation period of two years is sufficient. With the current 30 trainees, including the girl group, I think I’ll be able to present several groups during the first half of next year.”

President Yang noted, however, that the next rookie group will not be similar enough in music style to former groups to be called “the second Big Bang” or “the second 2NE1.”

Back in the day, President Yang used to be a member of  the “cultural president” and hit group Seo Taeji and Boys. Does he have any plans to ever return to the stage himself?

President Yang stated, “Strangely, I don’t really think about the past. I like seeing our artists on stage more than being on stage myself. I think being the hands and feet of artists behind the scenes fits me well.”

He concluded, “When I look at the kids (artists), they are all lovely and pretty like my own kids. Thinking about how to raise them and how to put together groups is a lot of fun,” and smiled.

Soompiers, what do you think about this new “YGE version of SNSD”?

Source: Naver