Lee Ha Yi, the runner up from SBS’s audition program “K-Pop Star,” will make her official debut on October 29.

On October 25, YG Entertainment released a photo teaser through their official blog YG Life. Inside the picture, she reveals a stare by lowering her sunglasses. She has dyed her hair light brown and wore a bright green buttoned up shirt.

Lee Ha Yi will debut with the track “1,2,3,4.” YG commented, “‘1,2,3,4’ is a song that will break the fan and the general public’s view of Lee Ha Yi and her image and music. Everyone will be able to see a new charm from her previous appearance on television programs.”

It’s been revealed that Yang Hyun Suk himself has focused on every single detail of the album and the company has invested twice as much into her music video than their other artists showing how much care they’re showing for Lee Ha Yi’s debut.

Soompiers, are you ready for Lee Ha Yi?