member shared the funny story of how he first met member .

On April 6, the first episode of the MBC every1 variety show “Weekly Idol” featuring member Hani and Kim Heechul as the new MCs aired. It was their first time as the main MCs following ’s temporary withdrawal from the show due to health reasons.

Since it was their first episode, close friends Yong Jun Hyung, , Solji and also came on the show to congratulate them.

When asked how he became close friends with Kim Heechul, Yong Jun Hyung answered, “About a year after I debuted, Simon D hyung called me and said, “Kim Heechul said for you to come out.’ I thought I was in trouble but instead, he said let’s be friends.”

Kim Heechul added, “Afterwards, we saw each other frequently. It feels like I see him five times a week,” confirming their close friendship.

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