Actor Yoo Ah In recently sat down at a cafe in Seoul for an interview to talk about his upcoming movie “Sado.”

As he’s being asked about his co-stars he states, “Moon Geun Young is so easy to get along with. She’s very bright and positive. She talks about the film a lot and texts me often. She seems very determined to do a great job.”

About So Ji Sub who plays his son King Jeongjo, “He plays my son, yet he’s so much more handsome than his father. I’m quite impressed. I’m grateful he makes a much better son compared to his father.”

The movie “Sado” portrays King Yeongjo who always had to be a stern king rather than a father and Crown Prince Sado who just wanted to be a son rather than a prince. It’s a historical and tragic story of family struggles. The movie is directed by Lee Joon Ik and also stars Song Kang Ho, Kim Hae Sook, and Jun Hye Jin.

Yoo Ah In is expected to show a memorable performance as he takes the role of Crown Prince Sado. He will portray the mental instability of the Crown Prince while being trapped inside a wooden rice chest for eight days as well as focusing on the prince’s relationship with his father King Yeongjo. Great performances are expected as he will be acting alongside Song Kang Ho who plays his father King Yeongjo.

The movie “Sado” will open on September 16 in Korea.

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