Recently Yoo Ah In’s fans visited the set of “Fashion King” and gave gifts and snacks for 100 individuals. The fans succeeded in reenergizing both the actors/actresses and staff members. Recently the gallery board for “Fashion King” on DC Inside’s website posted a picture showing the aftermath of the visit from the Yoo Ah In fans.

Yoo Ah In is shown sitting among all of the plastic bags provided by the fans. On the plastic bag fans printed an interesting message. It reads “If you decide to throw away Yoo Ah In, we will happily take him away.” Yoo Ah In took a picture among the plastic bags as a reply to this sentence!

Yoo Ah In’s agency stated, “Yoo Ah In returned the favor by taking the sensible and funny picture. He was very thankful for the love from the fans when he saw the staff members being happy because of all the gifts and snacks.”

Currently Yoo Ah In appears on “Fashion King” playing the character “Kang Young Gul.”