Kim Hae Sook revealed a story involving herself and actor Yoo Ah In.

On the September 26 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “Entertainment Weekly,” she talks about an incident that occurred after she acted as Yoo Ah In’s mother in the movie “Tough as Iron.”

During the interview, Kim Hae Sook says that she feels like she has acted as the mother of a main character over 50 times. She then says, “During a ‘Tough as Iron’ event, I said I was cold, and Yoo Ah In linked arms with me. After that, Yoo Ah In said he was scolded by his mom. She said, ‘You never link arms with me, but you link arms with Kim Hae Sook.’”

kim hae sook 2

Afterwards, Kim Hae Sook comments on the fact that Yoo Ah In had transitioned from acting as her character’s son in “Tough as Iron” to acting as her grandson in “Sado.” She says ruefully, “It was a bit saddening that he went from a son to a grandson in just a year.”

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