On April 5, during the press conference for “Chicago Typewriter,” Yoo Ah In received a question asking whether he has experienced any difficulties during filming due to his health. Previously, the actor had been diagnosed with a benign bone tumor and was required to have his mandatory military enlistment delayed.

Yoo Ah In answered, “If I had gotten a more direct question, I could have more easily provided an answer. While my bone tumor is benign, it is unusually large. As for the dislocation of my left clavicle, it hasn’t fully healed; however, I am able to carry out everyday work. I am trying to reduce any heavy exercise or large movements that might aggravate the condition.”

He said, “I still haven’t gotten the results from my follow-up examination from March 15. My case is very unique. Since this particular case is receiving a lot of attention, it appears that the military is carefully taking more time to make the best decision.”

He clarified, “There are people who are questioning why I’m filming a drama when I’m sick. But the fact of the matter is, I rested for a year until now without being able to enlist; however, I came across a great project called ‘Chicago Typewriter,’ which is why I am working again. I will do my best to not cause further concerns and to not do anything that will worsen my current condition.”

He said, “A lot of people ask whether I would choose my drama over my mandatory military service; however, enlistment is not a choice at all. I am not someone who has the power to [evade enlistment]. Instead of trying to twist the situation into something negative, I would be very grateful if everyone would view the situation in a warm light and wait patiently.”

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