Actress Yoo In Na dressed up in hanbok is gathering attention. 

Yoo In Na recently received the lead female role of Choi Hee Jin in cabel channel tvN‘s Wed-Thurs drama “Queen In Hyun’s Man.”

Choi Hee Jin is a no-name actress who is trying to save her career through her role as Queen In Hyun in a drama called, “New Jang Heebin.” She will fall in love with a 17th century Choseon era scholar Kim Boong Do (played by Ji Hyun Woo) who came due to a time-slip. The drama will be about their struggle to love through time and space.

On April 9, pictures of the actress wearing a hanbok was posted online. She is posing with Kim Jin Woo and Park Young Rin. Kim Jin Woo will play the role of the king in the drama-within-the-drama “New Jang Heebin,” while Park Young Rin will play the role as queen. 


Netizens who saw the photos left a variety of responses such as, “She looks good in hanbok,” “The Queen is coming,” and “Wow, she’s even challenging herself with a historic drama.”

“Queen In Hyun’s Man” will air its first episode on April 18 at 11pm KST. Be sure to catch the first episode!