On March 20, tvN’s upcoming drama “Queen In Hyun’s Man” revealed two different teaser videos. The first teaser video shows Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na in two separate show windows, looking at each other longingly. The video goes back and forth between the two, suggesting that they will have a romance that transcends time and space. A harmonious melody of the Gayageum (traditional Korean string instrument) and guitar plays in the back ground as the letters appear, “A one of a kind love story between the two who met in the crack of time.”  This version also conveys a romantic atmosphere by showing Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na lovingly gazing into each others eyes as they get closer to kiss each other. 

The second teaser video of “Queen In Hyun’s Man” features Ji Hyun Woo only. This video portrays as if the time has stopped, while the movements of wind and clouds is dramatically exaggerated to show Kim Boong Do (played by Ji Hyun Woo) is time warping from Chosun Dynasty era into 2012. The video shows Ji Hyun Woo in modern and traditional outfits alternately until he transforms into Chosun era scholar Kim Boong Do situated in 2012. Without any other explanations, Ji Hyun Woo narrates, “I was born in 1694.”

“Queen In Hyun’s Man” is of fantasy romantic comedy genre. Traditional scholar Kim Boong Do from the Chousn era experiences a mysterious time warp and ends up in 2012. He encounters an actress (played by Yoo In Na) who plays Queen In Hyun in a TV drama “New Jang Hee Bin.” The two portray a love story that transcends time, space, age, and all other differences. The show is already garnering much attention because the producer Kim Byung Soo of “Byul Soon Gum,” and “Vampire Prosecutor” and writer Song Jae Jung of “High Kick” series and “Coffee House” got together for “Queen In Hyun’s Man.” “Queen In Hyun’s Man” will air on April 18. 

Check out the teaser videos of “Queen In Hyun’s Man” below!