Yoo Ji Tae, actor and film-maker, is set to debut his latest project at film festivals. The short film, “A Boy Dreams of Sansevieria,” will be debuting this fall at the Busan International Film Festival. He also is planning to enter his short film in other film festivals.

“Sansevieria” is the name of a plant that commonly goes by the names of devil’s tongue and mother-in-law’s tongue. The film is a coming-of-age story about a young man who runs away from home and ends up traveling with a Filipino woman.

The film was initially set to be entered into the Cannes International Film Festival in May of this year, but because of post-production delays, the short film entry will be postponed to the latter half of the year. 

Production on the set of the short film recently wrapped up. The cast includes actor Bae Soo Bin and So Yoo Jin as the main characters. This is not the actor-director’s first foray into film making as he has directed “How Does the Blind Dream?” in 2005, as well as, “Invitation,” in 2009.

Lotte Entertainment, the distributions investor, is supporting Yoo Ji Tae’s aspirations to enter the short film into film festivals. 

As soon as post-production wraps up, the actor-director is set to star in an upcoming film.

Yoo Ji Tae