Yoo In Na gave handy tips for blind dates on tvN’s new romance variety show “Blind Date Coffee House.”

During the first episode that aired on April 1, Yoo In Na explained, “[When you go on blind dates], it’d be nice if you wore many layers of clothing. [For example, if you’re a women,] you can wear a scarf. Then you can show the connection between yourself and the scarf first. After you sit down and talk for a bit, you can take the scarf off. Taking off your scarf can express that you have relaxed. It’s a good idea to make your date feel like you’re opening up.”

Then Yoo In Na shared, “If you’re a guy, you can wear a shirt that is buttoned up all the way and then undo a button later.” She emphasized, “Through these kind of things, you can show new sides of yourself and get their attention.”

Lee Juck and Yang Se Hyung, her fellow members of the show, nodded their heads in awe as they agreed, “That could be a strategy.” Yoo In Na replied, “These things are important. There aren’t many things you can show during a blind date. You can’t just brag about yourself at the first meeting.”

What do you think of Yoo In Na’s tips?

“Blind Date Coffee House” airs on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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