Yoo Seon Ho recently sat down for an interview after debuting on April 11 with his first mini album “Spring, Yoo Seon Ho.”

Yoo Seon Ho’s solo debut was anticipated by many fans who had rooted for him since his appearance on “Produce 101 Season 2.” The album’s title track “Maybe Spring” is a song about a boy’s wish to go on a walk with someone he loves. “People at my agency congratulated me a lot after debuting,” Yoo Seon Ho said. “They all came to a music show pre-recording at 2 a.m. and even wrote me letters. I can really feel how much they love me.”

During his interview, Yoo Seon Ho talked about meeting up with other “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants who are now members of Wanna One. “I met Hwang Min Hyun on January 1 and had meat,” he said. “I was surprised because he bought me lobster and steak. I’m going to buy him a meal later since he bought me something so expensive.”

Yoo Seon Ho also revealed that he is still on great terms with Cube Entertainment labelmate Lai Guan Lin. “It’s not too often, but we do contact each other and meet up. I have plans to go eat Ma La Xiang Guo (spicy Chinese fried dish) with Lai Guan Lin later this evening. I’ve never had it before, so I’m curious to see how it tastes. Sometimes he visits my dorm. One time in the winter, he was hiding in the dorm when nobody was there and surprised me. I remember him playing a joke on me, too. He turned off the boiler when I was taking a shower,” Yoo Seon Ho shared.

As a high school freshman, Yoo Seon Ho shared about his life at school. “I made one or two friends in class. I met one of them on the bench,” he said.

When asked how he commutes to school, Yoo Seon Ho replied, “I take public transportation, but if I’m running late, I take a cab. I usually take the subway these days and nobody recognizes me. Because everyone’s on their phone or focused on their own business, they wouldn’t care if an alien was right next to them. So I don’t feel any inconvenience.”

Yoo Seon Ho went on to talk about his midterms and mock college entrance exams. Regarding his midterms, he said he didn’t do so well because he missed some classes. On the mock college entrance exam, however, he scored first place in Korean language and social studies. “I could do well on them because I learned a lot of it in middle school,” he said. “I called my mother to show off but she didn’t believe me. Happiness doesn’t come from good grades.”

While acknowledging the difficulty of promoting his song and studying at the same time, Yoo Seon Ho was determined to pull off both. “The most difficult part is waking up in the morning. Getting to school is also hard. But I have to try hard because I’m a student,” he said.

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