AB6IX recently held their first concert in Seoul, and Yoo Seonho was there to support! Yoo Seonho competed alongside Lee Daehwi, Im Youngmin, Park Woojin, and Kim Donghyun on Mnet‘s Produce 101 Season 2.


Fans spotted Yoo Seonho cheering alongside fans. He didn’t shy away from showing his fanboy side, proudly waving his Daehwi fan and banner.

yoon seonho

yoo seonho1

Fans also saw him trying to reach out to the boys and waving. Since Seonho was rather far from the stage, he was unable to get the boys’ attention from where he stood.

yoo seonho2 yoo seonho3

But fans, don’t fret! Yoo Seonho was able to meet the boys backstage, and he posted selfies of him with Lee Daehwi on to his Twitter account. Produce fans finally get to see the two reunite!

yoo seonho lee daehwi yoo seonho lee daehwi1

It just goes to show that their friendship is still going strong!