Currently serving in the military, Yoo Seung Ho‘s recent updates have been revealed.

On various online community forums, posts titled “Drill Sergent Yoo Seung Ho Recent” have been spreading.

The post contained a recent photo of Yoo Seung Ho with his fellow soldiers in his military attire. His tanned skin and gallant pose displayed an even more mature and masculine charm. Yoo Seung Ho enlisted as a full service soldier at the 27th Infantry Division “LET’S WIN” unit. He is currently serving as a drill sergent for the new recruits.

Netizens who came across the photo commented, “Yoo Seung Ho’s eyes are daebak,” “Even though he’s so tan, he’s still good-looking,” “He’s working hard even in this heat. Reminds me of my younger brother,” and many more.

Yoo Seung Ho enlisted this past March and will be discharged next December.

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