Yoo Seung Ho successfully captured women’s hearts with his first role in a romantic comedy!

In MBC’s “I Am Not a Robot,” which aired its finale earlier this week, the actor put his lovable charms on full display as Kim Min Kyu, a character with both wealth and looks. The role allowed him to show off his handsome appearance, charismatic manliness, cute behavior, and sweet, caring side. Unsurprisingly, he quickly became the ideal type of many viewers.

Yoo Seung Ho particularly made viewers’ hearts flutter throughout “I Am Not a Robot” with his endearing physical displays of affection with Chae Soo Bin. Viewers couldn’t help smiling as they watched him hold her hand, hug her tightly, and kiss her passionately.

Yoo Seung Ho also showed his sweet side by putting a jacket around Chae Soo Bin’s shoulders and affectionately stroking her hair. His gentle, considerate manner reminded viewers of the way a boyfriend acts in the beginning of a relationship.

The actor’s adorable eye smile didn’t hurt either!

Watch the finale of “I Am Not a Robot” below!

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