Yoo Seung Ho recently picked who he thought was the most handsome actor.

On December 10, the cast of “I Am Not A Robot” appeared on MBC’s “Section TV” for an interview. During the interview, a question was directed towards Yoo Seung Ho about why he has continuously chosen to play the role of a perfect man. To that, Yoo Seung Ho wittily responded, “I guess I give off this perfect vibe.” His self-compliment made his co-stars laugh, and he defensively stated, “I didn’t know how else to say it!”

The reporter also asked him, “As someone who is very handsome, is there anyone who you think is really good-looking?” Yoo Seung Ho answered, “Jung Woo Sung. He’s too perfect. He’s really tall, and he has a good physique as well. It’s like he was given everything. That’s when I first realized, ‘This is unfair.’”

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho is currently playing Kim Min Gyu in “I Am A Robot.”

Check out the latest episode below!

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