The actor Yoo Seung Ho will appear on Goo Hye Sun’s short film “Fragments of Memories.” The film is about a main character who thinks through precious memories. Yoo Seung Ho will play a “happy memory” in the sense that he will represent the happy memories.

The movie will use the 4K 3D production system for the first time. Goo Hye Sun will be working with the filming director “Ji Gil Woong” who also worked on the highly popular film the “King and the Clown.” The second long-film directed by Goo Hye Sun, “Peach Tree” will be released in April.

Goo Hye Sun began her directing career through the short film “Cheerful Helper” in 2008. Her short length film “You” premiered in Russia’s “Korean Short Film Special Showing Event” from January 19-22.