In the latest episode of MBC’s “I Am Not A Robot,” Kim Min Kyu, played by Yoo Seung Ho, a seemingly flawless man from his looks to abilities, showed off yet another perfect side as a chef.

The scene was brought to the viewers’ attention because of Yoo Seung Ho’s charismatic yet adorable charm.

In response, the production team of “I Am Not A Robot” revealed additional images of Yoo Seung Ho cooking and smiling in the kitchen.

The team shared, “During the shoot of the cooking scene, Yoo Seung Ho rehearsed and monitored himself meticulously to present a perfect chef’s look.” They also added, “The female staff sent cheers and gave two thumbs up to the sight of Yoo Seung Ho cooking.”

“I Am Not A Robot” tells the story of a seemingly perfect man with an allergy to humans and a woman who pretends to be an artificially intelligent robot.

Check out the last episode below!

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