On the September 12 broadcast of MBC‘s “We Got Married,” BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae prepared an event for Red Velvet‘s Joy, his virtual wife.

Yook Sungjae, who was supposed to be out of the country, dropped by Red Velvet’s rehearsal room. He transformed from head to toe into a delivery man and kept his motorcycle helmet on to especially disguise his appearance.

When Yook Sungjae arrives at the rehearsal room, it is clear that the Red Velvet members have no inkling that he might be someone they know, until Yook Sunjae bumps his head into a door. After they hear his familiar voice more and more, the Red Velvet members grow suspicious.

In the end, the girls figure out it’s him behind the helmet, and Yook Sungjae responds, “Wow I really can’t do things like this.”

Check out the sweet clip below, and share with us your thoughts! What did you think about Yook Sungjae’s event for Joy?