On the episode of MBC’s “Survival: I Am a Singer” that broadcast on August 14th, Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun were honorably graduated while Yoon Do Hyun’s band was eliminated. It was a sad moment as at the end of the show when Yoon Do Hyun gave his final remarks, he looked very disappointed and sad.

On August 15th, for his radio show, “Date at 2pm I am Yoon Do Hyun,” the other members of his band was on the show and they had a “Survival: I Am a Singer Disqualification Show.” The reason he did this special was because Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun had filmed a special stage for singers that had honorably graduated. So, Yoon Do Hyun decided to do a special radio show instead.

Regarding Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun, Yoon Do Hyun remarked, “Before they were just younger singers but now we are very close, I had the chance to really see their passion and talent as vocalists.”

Netizens have stated, “A ‘Survival: I Am a Singer’ without Yoon Do Hyun’s band is odd,” “I wonder what direction the show will take now that all the original members are gone,” “I hope that Yoon Do Hyun’s band will continue to do great performances like they had shown on the television show.”