Yoon Eun Hye responded to accusations of plagiarism on the coat that she designed for “Goddess’ Fashion,” which is a variety program that teams up a female celebrity and a fashion designer, so that they can design clothes that fit the themes given each week.

Yoon Eun Hye stated via a press release from JARMY Entertainment on September 6, “The theme of the fourth episode was ‘nature,’ and our team had the sub-theme of ‘snow’ and ‘lion.’ We had to choose a movie that fits our sub-theme, then design an appropriate item. We chose ‘Chronicles of Narnia,’ and wanted to use frills and laces to express the mane of a lion.”

She continued, “In order to do that, and to make the most of the little time we had, we studied many different brands that use frills and laces, including Viktor & Rolf, Isabel Marant, and Lanvin. In the end, we got our ideas from the 2008 S/S Viktor & Rolf collection, and also the 2014 S/S Lanvin collection. We did not plagiarize the designs of Yoon Choon Ho, and we had no reason to do so. Our designs may look similar, but the location of the sleeve frills and the shape is the current popular trend, and not unique to Yoon Choon Ho.”


“We regret that Yoon Choon Ho did not try to communicate directly with my agency and with my stylist. We further regret his one-sided view expressed on social media. I have worn clothes sponsored by Yoon Choon Ho before, but I have not worn his F/W collection, as it is still summer. My stylist did not ever pick up the coat in question, nor was the coat ever sponsored and plagiarized. You will be able to check the facts, as there will be a record of sponsored items.”

She concluded, “We regret that a rash statement has been made via social media without having been verified. We hope that Yoon Choon Ho will not use the name Yoon Eun Hye to promote his brand, especially with the upcoming launching of the F/W collection.”

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