Korea’s latest favorite cutie, Yoon Hoo, seems to have found yet another doppelganger!

On various online community forums, a post titled “Yoon Hoo From ‘Love and War,’ was made.

In the post, a short clip was included. The clip was from a scene from KBS2’s “Love and War” that aired on July 5. This particular scene showed an actor who resembled Yoon Hoo quite a lot!

This actor has a similar face shape, a similar smile and even a similar hairstyle as the “Dad! Where Are We Going?” star.

Netizens who came across this post commented, “Is that Yoon Hoo’s future?” “Yoon Hoo looks more like that actor than Yoon Min Soo, his father!” “This actor is getting popular because of Yoon Hoo,” and more.

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