Yoon Hyun Min, who plays young police detective Kim Sun Jae in OCN’s “Tunnel,” recently showed his appreciation for the drama’s staff and cast with a late-night snack truck.

His agency, JS Pictures, shared photos on Instagram of Yoon Hyun Min and the food truck.

The banner on the food truck picturing Yoon Hyun Min reads, “Kim Sun Jae is buying! Everyone, let’s work hard until the end!”

The “Tunnel” team is reported to have a jam-packed schedule, so the 30-minute snack break was a very welcome reprieve.

It is obvious how much Yoon Hyun Min cares for this project, as he previously also prepared a coffee and food truck for the drama staff as well. All the staff and cast are encouraged by Yoon Hyun Min’s affection and concern for them and the drama.

“Tunnel” recently achieved OCN’s highest ratings for a drama at 5.4 percent. Likely, one reason for its growing popularity is due to the the results produced by the close, affectionate atmosphere on set among the cast and crew.

Catch the latest episode of “Tunnel” below!

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