On February 20, a showcase for Yoon Ji Sung’s first solo album “Aside” took place at Blue Square iMarket Hall in Seoul.

Yoon Ji Sung began the showcase by saying, “I’m very nervous. I’m overwhelmed and excited. I’m having some mixed feelings because I’m also worried. I had a good dream last night, so I hope everything goes well. That’s why I didn’t tell anyone about my dream.”

Yoon Ji Sung’s solo debut title track is “In The Rain,” in which the singer sings about one’s emotions after one goes through an unexpected break up. He introduced the track by saying, “I cried while recording it. The song gets better the more you listen to it.”

The singer also mentioned the track “Comma,” which he co-composed with Lee Dae Hwi. Yoon Ji Sung said, “I participated in writing the lyrics. Because it was a gift from Lee Dae Hwi and my first time writing lyrics, I wanted people to listen to it. It is very special to me.”

Yoon Ji Sung is the first Wanna One member to make his solo debut. The singer said, “When I was promoting as Wanna One, I had to adjust myself to fit the group concept. But this time, I had to show myself exactly the way I am.”

He added, “Because I was doing something that I used to do with members all by myself, I felt a bit of pressure and was worried. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the absence [of other members].”

Lastly, Yoon Ji Sung shared thoughts on his military enlistment. He said, “I want to impress [the public] not only with my solo album, but also with the musical ‘The Days.’ I’m doing my best to prepare.”

The singer concluded, “I am upset in some way because a second chapter of my life has just begun. However, I plan on continuing to show different sides of myself. I will continue to impress you even after I get discharged from the military. Until the day of my enlistment, I will promote diligently.”

Check out Yoon Ji Sung’s solo debut track “In The Rain” here!

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