What the tweet? Korea’s Queen of Soul is not afraid of talking to her fellow musicians in the western world. One of America’s top music men, John Legend, recieved a personal tweet from the queen herself!

On August 4th, Tiger JK‘s wife kindly asked Legend if his tour schedule included her current homeland of South Korea. Read her inquisitive tweet and introduction below:

“@johnlegend hope this finds u well! this is tasha from S.Korea..I just wanted to ask if you and Sade had any plans to bring ur tour to korea”

Is this obvious K-Pop fan planning to attend the show…or open for him? (For your information, the Twittersphere is still awaiting his response). Meanwhile, the Superstar K3 judge had some important business to take care of before she could jump into complete fan-mode. Apparently, someone tweeted her a vulgar or an all outright disturbing message overnight. The following was her message to everyone:

 “Woke up to a really inappropriate tweet…BLOCK!!!”

Our Mi Rae is one safe fan-woman!

Credits: @Yoonmirae and Naeil News