Yoon Park, Chae Jung An, and Jung Sang Hoon have been confirmed to act alongside Jin Goo and Seo Eun Soo in JTBC’s remake of the Japanese drama “Legal High.”

The drama will be about Go Tae Rim, played by Jin Goo, who is a lawyer with a 100 percent success rate and knows how to play with the law, and Seo Jae In, played by Seo Eun Soo, who is a rookie lawyer that believes in law and justice. With two characters who are completely opposites of each other, the drama is expected to bring laughter and amusement.

Yoon Park, Chae Jung An, and Jung Sang Hoon will play lawyers from B&G Law Firm, rivals of Go Tae Rim’s firm.

Yoon Park, who recently starred in “Radio Romance,” will play the role of Kang Ki Suk, the ace lawyer of B&G Law Firm. Learning from the best, he previously worked under Go Tae Rim and now knows the way to win cases. But unlike his former mentor, Kang Ki Suk has a soft charm to him. Viewers can anticipate a fun rivalry between the two lawyers.

B&G Law Firm’s source of information and partner lawyer Min Joo Kyung will be played by Chae Jung An. With her gentle and soft beauty, her fierceness and skills in applying countermeasures to situations are nice twists to her character. Chae Jung An recently starred in “Suits” as an extremely capable, hardworking, stylish, and sensible law secretary, raising anticipation for her to play an actual lawyer in “Legal High.”

Jung Sang Hoon will take on the role of Yoon Sang Goo, a passionate lawyer who dreams of beating Go Tae Rim. He seems rough on the outside, but with a little bit of alcohol in his system, he turns into a weak and sad middle-aged man with the tendency to blackout. Jung Sang Hoon, known for his diversity of acting and excelling in films, dramas, sitcoms, and musicals, is sure to bring his charms to the upcoming drama.

The production staff stated “Jin Goo and Seo Eun Soo along with Yoon Park, Chae Jung An, and Jung Sang Hoon is the best lineup of actors and will bring richness and excitement to ‘Legal High.’ We can also expect the drama to include fun and comedic court confrontations among the actors.”

“Legal High” is set to premiere in February 2019 on JTBC.

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