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More stars are joining the lineup for “Law of the Jungle in Sabah”!

On April 20, a source from the show confirmed that Sung Hoon and Tony Ahn, along with actors Park Sol Mi and Park Jung Chul, will go to Sabah.

They will be joining Lee Da Hee, Yoon Shi Yoon, Shinhwa members Eric, Lee Minwoo, and Andy, in addition to Wanna One members Ong Seong Woo and Ha Sung Woon.

They will begin filming in May.

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Kim Byung Man is preparing to set off on another “Law of the Jungle” adventure soon, and a few of his fellow castmates have been announced!

On April 18, a source from Moa Entertainment confirmed that actor Yoon Shi Yoon will be joining the cast. They added, “He will be appearing in the episodes that take place in Sabah, and he made the decision based on his friendly relationship with producing director (PD) Min Sun Hong.”

PD Min Sun Hong has previously worked on the “Law of the Jungle” series that took place in New Zealand and Cook Island. The two met while working on SBS’s “Barefoot Friends” in 2013, and the PD is said to have begun asking Yoon Shi Yoon to appear on “Law of the Jungle” since 2014 when the actor was in the marines for his mandatory military service.

It was also reported that Shinhwa’s Eric, Lee Minwoo, and Andy will be joining Yoon Shi Yoon on the trip. A source from SBS confirmed the news and added that the cast will be flying out to film their series in May. Both Yoon Shi Yoon and Shinhwa are well-known for their variety chops, so it will be exciting to see them all together.

“Law of the Jungle in Sabah” will air after the current Antarctica series and the upcoming Mexico series.

Are you excited to see these four on the show?

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