Actor Yoon Si Yoon will be heading to Japan to help promote the drama “Bread, Love and Dreams.”

Taxi Entertainment has said that Yoon Si Yoon was invited by Fuji TV to participate in various promotion activities. He will be flying to Japan July 22nd to host the opening ceremony of his official fan club as well as appear on a talk show hosted by Fuji TV. The talk show will not feature Yoon Si Yoon’s role in the drama, instead choosing to focus on his singing abilities and “honest appearance.

During the opening ceremony, Yoon Si Yoon will be putting some of his favorite possessions up for auction. The money raised from the auction will be donated to help earthquake recovery in Japan.

“Bread, Love and Dreams” has been listed as one of the most watched Korean dramas, with its final episode having a 50.8% viewership rating. It premiered in Japan on Fuji TV July 14th. In Korea, the drama was titled “King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.”

Source: Naver