Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and SISTAR‘s Hyorin have been voted as “Favorite Idol Stars to Meet for White Day.” Online Education company Seven Edu conducted an online survey titled “Female Idol Star to Make Memories with on White Day” from February 25 to March 8. In this survey, YoonA was ranked at the top with 138 votes (28%) and Hyorin was the runner-up with 76 votes (15%). 

Seven Edu’s CEO Cha Gil Young explained, “YoonA is an all-time male fans’ favorite. She is always ranked highly in surveys about the prettiest female idol stars. Her pretty yet innocent face and tall, slender frame is very appealing.” 

He also commented on the runner-up Hyorin, “Hyorin is very talented. She is a good singer and she proved that she can act too in ‘Dream High 2.’ I think the multitude of her talents attracted many male fans.” He added, “These different talents and attractions of the two stars probably made fans want to spend time with them and make good memories together.”

Currently, YoonA is filming “Love Rain” with Jang Geun Suk. Hyorin entered Sungshin Women‘s University as class of 2016 and plans on pursuing her continuously singing, acting, and academic career simultaneously.