Girls’ Generation’s YoonA discussed the famed killer schedule of her group during a press conference held on April 27. Appearing alongside Jang Geun Suk for the media event for KBS drama “Love Rain,” YoonA was asked about her busy schedule involving both acting and girl group promotions.

“About my killer schedule…I think it’s really different from other actors’ situation. Usually, other actors are allowed to take a rest when their filming is over, but I have to go to my next schedule, like a commercial shoot. Even on days when I don’t have any drama shooting, I can’t take a rest because I have to join other Girls’ Generation members for training. I guess that’s why we hear concerns about the killer schedule,” YoonA said.

She continued, “To be honest with you, it is physically draining. But the best part is that all nine Girls’ Generation members can split the work. Sometimes, other members film the commercial in advance…It’s funny how everybody’s busy and tired, but no one gets sick.”

“Even among the members, we kiddingly say, ‘Come on, can someone please get sick? Let’s all take a rest, please.’ I think all of us are just physically really strong. We all work out a lot, too,” she said.