KBS Music Bank is airing their “Music Bank in Tokyo – K-Pop Festival” tonight and you can win prizes just for watching! They are giving away CDs and official Music Bank magazines to diehard K-Poppers. How can you win? Take a photo of yourself watching the show and tweet and/or email them! It’s that simple. Read the directions below for all the details: 

“Music Bank “Self Camera” Contest is back in celebration of “Music Bank in Tokyo – K-Pop Festival”~!! Take photos of you while watching “Music Bank in Tokyo” this Friday (1st-run: July 22, 18:00,KST / Re-run: July 23, 02:00,KST)  & send it to us with your thoughts about Music Bank. You can either 1) tweet us your picture + comment (@kbsworldtv) with hashtag (#TokyoMuBank),  or 2) Send it through email ([email protected]) [IMPORTANT] Make sure you & your TV screen(streaming Music Bank) shown in the picture.” 

For more information about the actual prizes click here

Credits: @KBSMusicBank, MK Star Today and KBS World