Younha announced that she would cancel her exclusive contract. The agency made a counter claim and it appears that this legal dispute will continue on.

On July 11th Younha filed a lawsuit against her agency Lion Media, in order to check the existence of her exclusive contract. On August 23rd, it was revealed that Lion Media has now filed a lawsuit against Younha for approximately $1 million dollars. Lion Media is stating that they incurred losses due to Younha’s breach of the exclusive contract.

Younha’s representative stated that Younha was only 15 when she signed the contract and that the exclusive contract was unfair because she did not know much about the entertainment agency. The lawsuit has been arranged to be heard on September 21st.

Younha debuted in Japan at the age of 16 in the year 2004, and she had been a part of the agency for nearly 7 years. This lawsuit is causing a big shock within the K-Pop industry. Also, Younha is currently the DJ of “Starry Starry Night.”