Yubin recently took part in a photo shoot and interview with Cosmopolitan for their May issue, where she talked about her upcoming solo album, how proud she is of the other Wonder Girls members, and her regrets.

During the interview portion, the former Wonder Girls member shared that the biggest thing she thinks about these days is the solo album she is working on. She explained, “It’s my first solo album since debut, so I have a lot of worries. I think the past year has been a time for myself to study and find a color that fits me.”

Yubin also expressed affection for her fellow members as she mentioned, “When I see the other Wonder Girls members promoting, I think it’s amazing. I’m proud but I’m also envious. It stimulated me and also made me gain confidence that I’ll be able to show a side of myself that’s different from when I was a Wonder Girls member.”

She also talked about how satisfied she is with her life nowadays. She commented, “I wasn’t satisfied before, but now I think I made the best choices that I could make back then. Even for things I had regretted before, I appreciate those moments now. Thanks to them, I was able to experience a variety of things, meet different kinds of people, and work on many things. So right now, I’m very satisfied.”

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