On September 25, 2019, Yuehua Entertainment tweeted an announcement regarding EVERGLOW — in Korean without translation — and the very formal “visual” of the announcement almost gave FOREVERs massive heart attacks.

everglow final


The tweeted announcement didn’t include anything negative or shocking; it was rather a simple message to the fans letting them know that this week will mark the end of EVERGLOW’s 2nd single album “HUSH” promotions.

Hello this is Yuehua Entertainment. EVERGLOW will be wrapping up the promotions for their 2nd single album ‘HUSH’ by the end of this week. Thank you FOREVERs for your unending love and support throughout the promotion period. EVERGLOW are also grateful for helping them get the #1 win. They will never forget that and will continue to work hard. They will no longer be promoting ‘Adios’ on music shows, but will try to stay active via other activities. Thank you.

— Yuehua Entertainment


FOREVERs — especially the non-Korean speaking fans — however, were intimidated by how formal and official the message looked at a glance. Without understanding what the text said, the announcement did look extra solemn.

everglow comments


The now-relieved fans are playfully complaining at Yuehua Entertainment for putting them through a complete scare for no reason!

everglow main

everglow 1

Yuehua, you crazy f*ckers. Who announces the end of promotions like that? Next time just put up a group shot and write ‘Thank you for all the support this promotion season’ please. Damn, my hands are shaking from the panic…

— FOREVER in absolute shock