Yuehua Entertainment has firmly denied the bullying and school violence accusations levied against EVERGLOW‘s Aisha.

aisha 2

Yuehua Entertainment Korea made their statement after an accusation was made against Aisha, stating she would say sexually harassing things to other students and consistently harassing the accuser.

After confirming the details, [the accusations] are not true at all.

The author of the post isn’t even known. Stop the indiscriminate speculative reporting and dissemination of false information that hasn’t been confirmed or verified for accuracy.

If this continues, we will take strong measures to protect our artists.

— Yuehua Entertainment

Aisha’s case is just one of many that have occurred over the past few days, with the majority of the cases being denied, whether it is by other classmates, the artists’ agency, or even the accuser themselves, stating the public got the wrong name

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