U-Know Yunho, Go Ara, and Lee Yoon Ji (유노윤호, 아라, 이윤지) lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Heading to the Ground (맨땅에 헤딩)” scheduled to be aired by MBC on September 9, following the final episode of “Spirit”.

 This drama portrays how the main male character who lives a low-class life but works hard to achieve his goals of victory and humanism.

Yunho, one of the members of the famous music group “Dong Bang Shin Gi (東方神起)”, plays the role Cha Bong Goon (차봉군) who has a passionate dream to become a national soccer player.

Actress Go Ara plays the role Kang Hae Bin (강해빈) who is the tough management agent for the unknown soccer player Cha Bong Goon.

Actress Lee Yoon Ji plays the role Oh Yun Yi (오연이) who is a joyful nutritionist.  Yun Yi, Bong Goon, and Hae Bin form a triangle love relationship.

Actor Lee Sang Yoon (이상윤) plays the role Jang Seung Woo (장승우) who is a lawyer working for the top law firm in South Korea.  After he meets Hae Bin, he aggressively pursues her.  As time goes by, Seung Woo confronts Bong Goon more and more because he couldn’t lose Hae Bin.