Girls’ Day vocalist and rapper Yura is creating quite the buzz by showing off her skills with her drawings.

Yura revealed three sketches through her Twitter which she had created using pencil and ballpoint pen.  Each had separate themes as they were named, “Black Pearl” (in reference to Jack Sparrow’s ship in “Pirates of the Caribbean”), “Empty Home”, and “the Mountains”.

Netizens admired Yura’s drawings with only praise saying, “Her pictures are of a high skill-level like that of a painter”, “Not only is she beautiful, but she can sing and dance, along with her drawing skills are really good”.

Yura explained her artistic background saying, “While I was in 8th grade I briefly studied art and was complemented by the teachers as being gifted.  I now draw as a method to relieve stress or when I’m in a peaceful mood.  ”

Recently Girl’s Day has received a lot of love for their songs “Twinkle Twinkle” released in July, followed by “Once a Hug”.

What do you think of Yura’s handy work?

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate