After news this week that two members of the show ‘Invincible Youth’ would be departing, it has been confirmed that Sunny and Yuri of Girls’ Generation will leave in June. A staff member for the show said that “because Sunny and Yuri are preparing to debut in Japan, as well as rehearsing for their concert,” there simply would be no way for them to fit the show in their busy schedules.

While this may be sad for the rest of the cast and fans alike, all is not at a loss – the show is currently in the auditions process to search for new members. Stay tuned to see who these new members are!

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that in addition to the two SNSD members, Hyuna of 4Minute will be leaving the show as well. 4Minute is getting ready to debut in Japan, so it would be difficult for Hyuna to film the show every week. A producer has stated that the May 19th taping will be the last episode for the three members.

Source: MyDaily, Newsen