ZE:A almost got attacked by a drunk man during their recent live performance of “Heart for 2.” On August 10th, the group was singing on stage for an MBC live show in the southern city of Gyeongju. But half-way through the song, a drunk male appearing to be in his mid-40s suddenly came up on stage and interrupted their performance.

The unknown man went on to take away Kevin’s mic and attempted to block Dong Joon with his arm. But security guards immediately came up and prevented any further action by the unknown man. ZE:A at first seemed to be in a state of shock and flustered by the unexpected incident, but soon after found composure and managed to complete their performance.

“The members initially thought the man was one of the concert staff, so they paused mid-performance. They were confused when the man took away Kevin’s mic, but fortunately they realized the situation quickly and was able to finish their song safely,” a representative of ZE:A told local media.

Meanwhile, ZE:A will wrap up their Korean promotions on August 14th on SBS “Inkigayo,” and begin their Japanese promotions. 

Here’s the video of the incident! The man appears at the 2:20 mark!